The Private Wealth Secret

Keith Teare
19 min readJun 11, 2022

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Pile in but don’t tell


Private Wealth Secrets

UBS advises private investments

Cathy Woods ARK to invest in private companies

Tracking Private Growth

The 34 new Unicorns from May

Why new VC funds beat old ones

Regulation Week

Lina Khan’s plan to take on big tech

EU’s message scanning plans questioned

The US privacy Bill is a huge deal

News of the Week

Elon gets data

YC is back in person

Data DAO’s attract funding

June unicorns start to appear

Funding falls, but not in every stage

D1 may be screwed

Series A and Seed analysis from Pitchbook

Essays of the Week

The deck that changed my life

China’s Rick Kids

Startup of the Week


Tweet of the Week

Entrepreneur First returns 17x Cash on cash


Maybe I am biased in what I choose to read. No, I definitely am biased. I look for what is new in the Silicon Valley world that I live in. And while I appreciate that Palo Alto is not the whole world, it has secrets that others would benefit from knowing. The biggest secret is that wealth creation mostly happens for investors who can access private assets. Listed stocks and shares are handily outperformed by private ones. 2020 and 2021 seemed to indicate that public company investing was back in vogue and beneficial to investors. The 2022 market correction has definitely set the clock back to at least 2019, and perhaps earlier. For public investors, that is clearly not good, but for those focused on earlier investments into private assets, it is back to normal.

This week contains ample evidence of the swing back to private investing, from UBS and also from…



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