The Good News, Bad News, Week

Keith Teare
24 min readJun 3, 2022

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34 new unicorns in May and three new decacorns. It’s the best time in 5 years to be a VC? But Tiger is down 52%, 15–20,000 tech workers have been laid off and Sheryl Sandberg is leaving Facebook. It’s a good news, bad news, week.

Both can be True at the Same Time


34 new Unicorns

Salesforce growth accelerating

Startup valuations are “highly attractive”

Money flows to private equity

It’s the best time to be a VC

Chipotle accepts crypto as payment

US insurers like crypto as an investment

FTX is growing

Binance is investing

Securitize tokenizes $500m fund

SEC wants ESG claims to be backed up

Tiger down 52% year to date

15,000 tech layoffs in May

Sheryl Sandberg leaves Meta

Supreme Court sides against Texas on censorship

Young Rich Anti-Capitalists


Gil Dibner


First published Fri Jun 3, 2016; substantive revision Fri Oct 2, 2020

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