Stop, Breathe, Think

Keith Teare
18 min readJul 8, 2022

By Keith Teare • Issue #317 •

So many points of view about the venture ecosystem. Some panic, some optimism, some ‘wait and see’. Modern media likes to take sides but all of these sentiments are appropriate because more than one thing is happening. All at the same time.


Essays of the Week

  • Venture Capital Feels the Stock Market’s Pain — WSJ
  • Coatue’s View of the Market — Newcomer
  • What’s really happening in growth-stage VC — Samir Kaji
  • Startup Markets, Summer 2022 Edition — Elad Gil
  • When AI Becomes Table Stakes — Tomasz Tunguz
  • Will the crypto crash derail the next web revolution? — FT
  • Metabook Launches Web3 / Metaverse Reserve System — Benzinga
  • Sequoia and Tiger Global Take SoftBank to the Cleaners — WaPo

Good News

  • Tenacity raises $60m in three months
  • Startup Founders Say Venture-Capital Investors Are Driving Harder Deals
  • Sequoia Capital’s China Arm Raises $9 Billion, Exceeding Target

Bad News

  • Coatue’s Funding Numbers Take Significant Dip in First Half Of Year
  • Creator Economy Startup Funding Drops 60% From a Year Ago

Startup of the Week

  • UK’s Oxford Quantum Circuits snaps up $47M Series A for ‘QaaS’

Tweet of the Week

  • Elon Musk is a Dad again.


The most thoughtful writing this week comes from the land of newsletters, much of it hosted on Substack. The least thoughtful belongs to the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal.

I think we have passed the line in the sand dividing the amateurs from the professionals — at least when it comes to analyzing Silicon Valley. The amateurs draw a salary from the old media and the professionals are writing newsletters.

The Essays of the week dominate the newsletter and most of them are well written and carry insights into one or another part of…



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