Mad or Bad?

Keith Teare
23 min readAug 19, 2022

What Are They Thinking?

By Keith Teare • Issue #323

$350m for the man who lost most of $20 billion. The world has not gone mad. Read why Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) did it. Plus @ReidHoffman on AI, Josh Nicholson on Science and AI, @BrianSolis on Web3 marketing@Alexoppenheimer on valuing companies, and much more


Mad or Bad, What are they Thinking?

  • A16z is betting big on Adam Neumann’s new real estate startup — Protocol @RyanDDeff
  • The Rise of The Cash Man — @KWHarrison13
  • Investing in Flow — @Pmarca

Essays of the Week

  • The Revenue Multiple — @Alexoppenheimer
  • When Low Valuations are Good — @Squire
  • Why Web 3.0 will rewrite the concept of marketing — @Briansolis
  • How to Build a GPT-3 for Science — Josh Nicholson
  • Uniquity: DALL-E, NFTs, and the emergence of limited-edition abundance — @reidhoffman
  • China’s Growing Trade Dominance in Latin America @visualcapitalist

Substack Week

  • How I Built and Sold a Newsletter for 5 Figures — Jason Kelley
  • Now piloting: Substack Threads — Substack



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