Live Long and Prosper

Keith Teare
11 min readJun 24, 2022

That Was The Week #315

Netflix announced 300 layoffs and Brex pulled the rug on its small business customers. But LocalGlobe raised $500m, InFarm announced two new farms and eBay bought NFT firm KnownOrigin. Making the right choices will help us all to live long and prosper. Web 3 seems to still be a good choice.


Live Long and Prosper

  • Web 3 use cases by Packy McCormick

Essays of the Week

  • Facebook and Sheryl Sandberg by Connie Loizos
  • The Web3 Marketing Stack by Tomasz Tunguz

Good News of the Week

  • Sequoia incubator to increase investment size
  • LocalGlobe raises $500m and Re-Brands
  • Series B’s are holding up
  • 13 emerging Unicorns in May
  • InFarm opening two more huge growing centers
  • EBay buys NFT Company KnownOrigin
  • Substack generates 33% of new subscriptions internally
  • Electric Hydrogen raises $198m

Bad News of the Week

  • Accel shrinks deal sizes
  • Netflix lays off 300 employees



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