Deep Minds Think Alike

Keith Teare
22 min readJul 29, 2022

Data and Science are crucial to humanity’s future

By Keith Teare • Issue #320

Deep in the heart of summer and @Om links to the 200 best dance songs of all time. I’m passing it on as a gift. And DeepMind figured out the structure of 200m human proteins. Now that really is a gift. Data and Science are crucial to humanity’s future. Deep Minds think alike is this week’s theme.

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A Summer Gift

  • 200 best dance songs — from @Om and Rolling Stone

Essays of the Week

  • DeepMind uncovers the structure of 200m proteins in a scientific leap forward.
  • How did this tiny startup instantly put live, moving people into a full-blown 3D landscape? — Mike Butcher
  • The art of pre-seed investing, mitigating investment risk at this stage, and building processes to build a true venture platform with a lean team — Samir Kaji and Gaurav Jain
  • Niche — They wanted a ‘less toxic, less problematic’ social network. So they built one.
  • Sky Go Launches on…



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