The Birth of the New

Keith Teare
19 min readMay 27, 2022

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Another week and another glut of writing seeking to understand what has changed in the economy, the public markets, and the startup and venture capital world. As the old world dies the only important question is, what is being born?

When the old world dies, a new one is born



In the last four weeks, the top 100 venture investors scored by SignalRank’s GPRank algorithm, invested in 181 funding rounds at the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages.

Here is the query from the excellent Crunchbase:

Why point this out? As you can see from the articles curated in this week’s newsletter, there is a strong sense of loss, readjustment and fear that is dominating thinking and decision making. There is some very excellent writing embracing what has changed and how fundamental that change is likely to be. Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, the always excellent Pete Flint from NFX, and my wife Gené from Crunchbase News are all linked below.

But what is more compelling is to examine what is being born as the past disappears in the rearview mirror. What is likely to shape the near future?

GPRank measures which investors in early startups consistently perform the best. The top 100 ranked investors have participated in over 900 funding rounds in unicorns. These rounds are in 487 unique companies. The average 5-year value growth for the top 10% of the companies these funds invest in is 30x. The investments made by these managers represent to emerging future.

2022 numbers for early-stage investments do show a trend.

SignalRank Research — Early Stage Rounds 2022

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