Adapt or Die

Keith Teare
9 min readJun 17, 2022

Berlin Edition, By Keith Teare • Issue #314

The Dark Ages describes a time when little or nothing changed. There was no progress. It needed the agricultural and industrial revolutions to break out from the dark. 2022 might seem dark but there is innovation all around us. Adapt or Die is this week’s theme. And unlike the dark ages, adaptation is an option. Content from Bill Gurley, samir kaji, Seth Levine, Gené Teare, Sequoia


Adapt or Die

  • Sequoia Capital advises founders on how to adapt
  • Tech Layoffs accelerate
  • Bill Gurley on Adapting
  • Frank Slootman on Surviving — Podcast

Good News of the Week

  • Tiger Global doing better than reported
  • Samir Kaji on contextualizing the correction
  • Venture Funds raising more money
  • Steve Cohen believes in DeFi

Bad News of the Week

  • Coinbase lays off 18%
  • Meta drops products and changes strategy
  • Venture Deal terms do not favor Founders

Essays of the Week

  • Apples 10 Year live soccer deal
  • Investors are not very impactful — Seth Levine
  • Celsius collapse
  • Visual — The next 10 years in shifting Global Power



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