A Global Operating System?

Facebook at 2.9 billion people, $54 billion in GDP and counting

Keith Teare


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2.9 billion people voluntarily use Facebook. That is bigger than China and India combined. The GDP of Facebook is $54bn. Voluntary adoption of a global network and content platform seems to be what we are choosing. What are the implications?


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When I sit down each Thursday to review what I have read this week I never know ahead of time what I will be saying. My weekly reading happens in spurts each day in between other things and I only develop an abstract view of the content as I drag each piece from the right-hand toolbar in Revue, into the body of the newsletter.

Some weeks the lead is obvious and others, not so much.

This week is all about history. Not the history of the past. Or even the history of the present. But the history being made in front of our eyes. Each era in human existence throws up challenges and opportunities to improve our collective existence. And each era presents the status quo with its end. The end of what we know and the beginning of what will be.

Because we are human, the result of these historical moments is hard to know in advance. As a people, we are quite capable of making decisions that serve the status quo and not the future. Comfort with stasis can easily overwhelm determination to evolve. And change can be scary, even when it is progressive. My 18 year old just passed his driver’s test. His anxiety traveling to the appointment was tangible. His inner voice telling him he would fail was loud. It took a lot of courage and determination to even show up. He did and he passed. Now he can legally drive. He has made history, in that tonight his evening will not be the same as it was before today. And his future has already changed.



Keith Teare

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