By Keith Teare • Issue #279 • View online

Donald Trump is launching a social media platform just as Facebook is closing one down. Facebook’s proposed name change is an indication that Web 2 has reached the end of the road. Social Media is dead, long live Web 3. What…

By Keith Teare • Issue #278 • View online

It is widely accepted in Silicon Valley that the world is on the cusp of a significant technology-led transformation. Web 3 is the new term. This week venture heavyweights Andreessen Horowitz and Index Ventures go on the record about the shift…

By Keith Teare • Issue #277 • View online

The Facebook whistleblower accused the company of putting growth and profit before everything. So, is growth bad? Is it incompatible with human good? Or is it the essence of progress?


Facebook at 2.9 billion people, $54 billion in GDP and counting

By Keith Teare • Issue #276 • View online

2.9 billion people voluntarily use Facebook. That is bigger than China and India combined. The GDP of Facebook is $54bn. Voluntary adoption of a global network and content platform seems to be what we are choosing. What are the implications?


  • Technology…

Libertarians, Individuals and Society

This week’s news is dominated by Facebook, Apple, and Crypto but we ignore it and deep dive into libertarianism, DAOs, and Peter Thiel.

By Keith Teare • Issue #275 • View online


By Keith Teare • Issue #274 • View online

This week a far deeper dive into the changing world of venture capital, and a video essay by @kteare to accompany a great selection of writers from across the venture ecosystem


Not a Monopoly but must change payment rules

By Keith Teare • Issue #273 • View online

This week Apple declares victory in defending its app store from claims it is a monopoly while its enemies circle the wagons intent on freeloading on Apple’s infrastructure.


South Korea Hits Apple and Google Where it Hurts

By Keith Teare • Issue #272 • View online

Apple agrees to modify App Store rules in Japan in a week where South Korea passes a law forcing Apple and Google to create a billing back-door for developers who want to avoid paying for carriage.


By Keith Teare • Issue #271 • Content from David Marcus, Cory Doctorow, Edward Snowden and more

Money is changing. Machine Learning is broken. China is winning foreign investment. Apple is becoming a spy and venture capital is exploding in all directions. Another That Was The week.


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